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Effetto Venturi #04

January – May 2015

Museo del Novecento - Palazzo dell’Arengario
Via Marconi 1, Milano


During 2014-2015 Effetto Venturi intends to develop the reflections on education in the sphere of art, offering a ‘temporary school’ inside the museum, where invited artists can organize seminar work starting with specific thematic units.

The aim of the program is to generate interaction with disciplinary fields that cross over but are contiguous to artistic practice. The various ‘classes’ offer an opportunity for more in-depth study of a particular area of research, chosen for its pertinence and possible resonance with the work of the artist-tutors. Each artist-tutor will be encouraged to focus the seminar work on one author or one work from the disciplinary area of reference.

Each artist will conduct a workshop for a limited number of participants, concentrated in a single day.

The program calls for putting together a work group that takes part in all the ‘classes,’ though it will also be possible to apply to participate in individual seminars.

Meris Angioletti: Dance, 8 January
Paolo Icaro: Writing / Sign / Drawing, 6 February
Linda Fregni Nagler: Photography, 5 March
Ugo La Pietra: Living urban space, 21 May



Museo del Novecento
Effetto Venturi
Effetto Venturi is a cycle of seminars and meetingson issues tied to the transmission of artistic know-how that Peep-Hole is organizing at the Museo del Novecento since 2013.
The title is inspired by the “Venturi effect”, the hydrodynamic paradox whereby the velocity of a fluid increases when it flows through a constricted section of pipe. This principle of physics thus becomes a possible metaphor for the dynamics each artist enacts through research, production and the transmission of artistic knowledge to younger generations of artists.
The first season of Effetto Venturi, conducted in 2011–12 and focusing on the Italian scene, has been followed in 2013 by a new cycle that extended the investigation to the international setting.


Img: Archivio Ugo La Pietra. Abitare Giulianova, 1968