Effetto Venturi #11

Paolo Icaro. Writing / Calligraphy / Sign / Drawing

Man wants to leave some trace of his existence, possibly one that lasts over time, at least a bit longer than his life. He manages to do this quite well with works of art. We pass from the first finds in prehistoric caves through the graffito-sign, childish scribbles, then drawing, writing, painting and literature, music, photography and sculpture, Fontana’s cuts and Burri’s ulcerations, all the way to the graffiti of our time. Almost an ideal circuit, an endless screw. The workshop offers an introductory overview, for a couple of hours, prior to the experimental action in which the participants each attempt to execute one sign that best identifies them.

Effetto Venturi is a cycle of seminars and meetings on issues tied to the transmission of artistic know-how that Peep-Hole is organizing at the Museo del Novecento. During 2015 Effetto Venturi intends to develop the reflections on education in the sphere of art, offering a ‘temporary school’ inside the museum, where invited artists can organize seminar work starting with specific thematic units.

Paolo Icaro