Peep-Hole Art Center was a contemporary art institution operating in Milan from 2009 to 2016, with an articulate program of exhibitions, publications, lectures, and conversations.
Peep-Hole grew out of the need to create a kind of institution that was lacking in Italy. It aimed to investigate what the role and future of the art institution could be while encouraging people’s approach to contemporary art. Over seven years, it has produced 30 exhibitions working with 35 artists among the most significant on the international scene; published 28 issues of the quarterly of artists’ writings Peep-Hole Sheet; organized a range of encounters, conversations, conferences, workshops, and events in collaboration with Italian and international institutions. Read more →
Peep-Hole Milan
Peep-Hole Associazione Culturale
Registered office: Via E. Noe 2
20133 Milan Italy
P.I. IT03645130166
C.F. 95180390163