Effetto Venturi #05

Eva Marisaldi

Eva Marisaldi has assembled a work group composed of Paolo Baraldi, Sara Benaglia, Mariella Guzzoni, Simone Longaretti and Daniele Maffeis, students and former students at Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo. Effetto Venturi provides the occasion for a public debate on certain problems identified by the group, presenting contributions triggered by their reflections. Introduction by Alessandra Pioselli, director of Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti of Bergamo.

Effetto Venturi is a cycle of seminars and meetings on issues tied to the transmission of artistic know-how. The title is inspired by the “Venturi effect”, the hydrodynamic paradox whereby the velocity of a fluid increases when it flows through a constricted section of pipe. This principle of physics thus becomes a possible metaphor for the dynamics each artist enacts through research, production and the transmission of artistic knowledge to younger generations of artists. 

The first season of Effetto Venturi focuses on the Italian scene, it involves artists who participate actively in conveying artistic knowledge through their teaching and research. Each artist will hold a workshop for a limited number of participants and a public encounter in order to exemplify the various potential ways of passing on artistic know-how.

Effetto Venturi is part of a bigger project, “Shrinking World”, conducted with the contribution of the Fondazione Cariplo.