Extra Dry #06

Francesco Joao Scavarda

Extra DRY is a project of collaboration between Peep-Hole and DRY Cocktails & Pizza at Via Solferino 33 in Milan. The initiative comes from a shared desire to take art out of its usual places and experiment with its possible insertion in different contexts. For the sixth appointment of Extra DRY, Francesco Joao Scavarda presents the videos: Madda is watching a candle as in a Rembrandt’s screen saver (Boatos advertising), 2014; Boatos (Boatos advertising), 2014, and Based on your feedback (Boatos advertising), 2014.

The invitation on the part of the founders of DRY, who are also art lovers, to imagine a project that brings art into their venue, offers an opportunity for Peep-Hole to experiment with new ways of connecting with a wider audience, putting them in touch with contemporary artistic research. The high quality, contemporary spirit and accessibility that are DRY’s strong points become the guidelines for Extra DRY, a program of video screenings focusing on the younger generations of Italian art. Starting in October, videos will be shown by Diego Marcon, Cleo Fariselli, Riccardo Giacconi, Giovanni Giaretta, Alice Ronchi and Francesco Joao Scavarda, each with a two-month solo stay in the venue.

During this period the spaces of DRY will host three videos, installed in different rooms, on view during regular opening hours. The artists’ projects are “mimetically” inserted in the convivial spaces of DRY, suggesting a different situation of viewing and a continuous flow of images that produce a transformation of perception, drawing attention to the work. DRY thus becomes a showcase for the most interesting artistic experimentation of the latest generations, and an opportunity for a wider public to get acquainted with the work of these young artists.

Francesco Joao Scavarda (Milan 1987. Lives and works in Milan and São Paulo) draws on music, cinema, popular imagery and art history to create, with a “pop” approach, hybrids that always reveal something new and unusual with respect to their sources of reference. The result – whether it is a video, a painting or the opening of an art gallery – is that personal vision becomes the focal point around which everything gravitates. Scavarda showed his work in many solo shows, like Studiolo #8, Studiolo Project, Milan, 2013; The Opposite of the Opposite Opposite of the Opposite, Gasconade, Milan, 2012; NOK No One Knows: Il Quarto Passo (H.E.) with Dario Guccio, Grand Hotel et de Milan / Spazio Oberdan, Milan / O’, Milan, 2011 and in several group shows, among which: Fuoriclasse, GAM Milan, 2012; Carte Blanche: Agenzia 200, UniCredit, Milan and Trento, 2011; Roaming Off-Cells, Museo dʼArte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova, 2010. He has recently founded the Boatos Fine Art ltd, an art gallery based in San Paolo, Brazil.